During these times of health concerns, some members have asked how to deliver their giving envelopes to continue to support our church. Our church office is staffed every Monday - Thursday from 1:00pm - 4:00pm. Please feel free to drop off the giving envelopes during these hours. If you would like to ensure that someone is there please call the church office prior to leaving your home.

Firewood Box Dedicated

Our new firewood box was dedicated today December 20th in the honor and memory of our beloved brother in Christ Tony.

Digital Sign Installed and Blessed

  It has been a while in the making and a lot of hard work from numerous members but the fruition of all of the hard work has finally come to pass. Our Digital Sign was installed and is up and running. Thank you to all of the members for their hard work with all of the Spaghetti Dinners and the installation of the sign. A big Thank You for all of us.